Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Oscar Tiger was allowed to open an early birthday gift today. The only thing he EVER wants to dress up as is a tiger. So I thought I'd get him a new suit (his other is up to his knees & squishes his pee-nuts) . Mum kindly stepped in, as I was planning on giving it to him for his birthday, she figured he needed it NOW. Afterall, Halloween IS a prime dress up opportunity & as he was going to try & squish into his too too small one I let him have it. Oh My Goodnessss, did he love it!??! He is enraptured, in fact, he flat refused to take it off for bed tonight...


Started for us 2 weeks ago when we had our pumpkin carving party with the twins and decorated the front door with corn. Last Saturday was Sally & Lachies Goulish Gothic party. Then today was finally the day! Yay, we had 8 children being Snap Dragons. Then we played pass the bowl of spaghetti - when the music stops, close your eyes and feel deep into the bowl for sweets or creepy crawlies & mind the squishy brain! aulch! We put the final touches on our costumes and off we ventured in the crisp Autumn evening...returning with heavy bags of sweets.

Dancing around the flame of summers end-
Sparks of golden yellow celebrate Samhain.
Twirling around tossing leaves in the air-
Laughing and giggling while catching them in our hair.

The last harvest is in as turns the New Year
While the chill of Yule draws ever so near.
The dead will join our festive feasts,
Giving glimpses of our past, present and future feats.

Come young maidens, mothers and crones-
Let the whispers of spirits rattle your bones.
Embrace the silence of the coming dark
And join the sabbats circle with open mind and open heart.

you can see our more pictures here

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Today S mowed the lawn for the first time in his life, it is also the last time we will mow the lawn for the winter. He loved it, started it himself, sang very loudly the whole time and was very proud of the end result.

We also put our 4foot square vege garden to bed, all composted and covered in a carpet for the winter.

Then we carved the pumpkins for Halloween. Oscar did his a couple weeks ago & the fruit flies enjoyed it, today I scooped what was left of it into the worm farm.

We kept the pumpkin seeds and roasted them - yum.

This evening we had our creative time. The boys painting their interpretation of Autumn, Halloween & Harvest.


We drove through pissing rain with window wipers that didn't wipe, in the dark & fog for 5 hours to get to this little southernmost corner of England. All the while I was wondering why on earth I was punishing myself in this way and the boys were eager with the anticipation of playing at the beach with 3 of their friends. Next morning - crystal clear blue sky day, a bracing morning walk along the beach and over the headland to another beach with Christy. Later, back to the beach with 5 boys in tow, it was suprisingly warm and I thought I'd go for a swim...until I felt how cold the water was. Samuel didn't give me much choice when he GLEEFULLY pushed me into the pool!!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry once I had finally caught my breath. Clothed, wet, freezing...such a perfect reaction for him too - we giggled about it all day. After much playing in the warm sunshine we went home for lunch, filled up on Elenas delish homemade chicken soup. (Lucky us, having Italian cooking fiend friends!) Tummies warm & full we set off on a 7km walk along the dramatic and beautiful cliff tops.

You can see pictures here The sun was getting low and there was a sense of urgency - I was not keen on the idea of walking along these cliffs with 5 energetic boys in the dark. Right at the end, the tide was coming in and we had to scamper around the rocks - it was a dramatic race as every wave came closer to cutting us off, in the end we had to rock climb up over a little cliff as the water had cut us off. It was physically challenging, emotianally charged (for me! with 5 sprites to push along and keep safe) and all VERY exciting and dramatic. We rested in a warm local pub, downed a cider while the boys played pool and returned home.

Next day, beautiful soft shades of grey sky day, gentle showers of rain. We played at home and then went to the beach for more fun, games, and frolics. Hot creamy chocolates, scones with jam and clotted cornish cream abounded - Y.U.M.

Saturday, midday, we walked the beach to the caves, deep, dark & scary. We collected some of the glimmering quartz stones to bring home as memory door stoppers. Before we drove 6 hours home discussing what we were going to wear to the Halloween party at Sallys that night. Walked in the door 7pm salty and sandy, showered and walked out the door and hour later as Death (S) & Zombie (O) with Goth couple...these boys love to party and had everyone entertained before crashing in Alis bed until we took them home.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Introducing Kanga, fresh off the boat from the land down unda. O's G'ma made 'im. Isn't O a lucky boy!? Isn't G'ma a talented lady!? So Kanga hasn't seen much daylight since he arrived, he is usually tucked up under O's shirt, making him look quite deformed, but I'm informed it feels good...it would wouldn't it? a warm furry friend on your belly. Kanga is made from real Kanga skin and is the so much more beautiful than some synthetic material, he smells awight too. Welcome m-a-y-t-e.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


everything IS ok, they will not hurt us

the dancing water fountain was a cool reprive

the quintessential tourist...and loving it

has anyone seen a boy on a cow in the middle of the palace gardens?
this was F-U-N
we went with Gramma to Budapest to see Rachel & had a lot of good times while we were there. Most of them involved getting out of the scorching heat and when we did, everything was OK. Good thing this place is built on natural springs and around every corner was beautiful pools of varying degrees and always with fountains.


O is in the yellow team - what a little sportsman!
this is his first every school sportsday


This year, we only went for 1 night & 1 day. Long enough to have some fun, walk into the local town, play some games, make some models, sing some songs around the fire and sleep on an air mattress that had a hole in it. It was fun and most importantly they had a fabulous time being wild and free boys - running a muck!


We spent a day at these gardens in Glastonbury, this spring that O is drinking out of has been there for at least x number of years. We spent the day reading how these apprentice wizards are going to become fully fledged. We found a wand from one of the trees that was alledgedy bought over from the holy land by the saint. We admired the lovely spring flowers, we revelled in the tranquility, we played in the spring water, we disturbed the peace of others, we absorbed all the good energy that was there - we loved it.

There are many associations with Chalice Well covering countless centuries; it is a timeless and sacred place, full of legend, symbolism and atmosphere, a place whose history has no beginning.......
Since ancient times, the waters that flow from deep below our planet have been revered as the essence of life, the gift of mother earth to sustain all her living forms. A spring such as the Chalice Well which has never been known to fail is especially revered as a symbol of the continuous and unbounded nature of the life force.
The people of old saw the wells as gateways to the spirit world where the veils between human existence and the greater spirit became thinner, and communications could take place with the gods and goddesses of the nature religions.
The Chalice Well is one of the oldest continuously used holy wells in Britain. Archaeology has shown that the Spring was used by prehistoric tribes who inhabited this land, and for the last 2000 years we can be fairly sure that the site has been in constant use. To be at the well head, and drink the water and absorb the atmosphere of the place is truly an inspirational experience.


Religiously, the hair is cut once a year. This year their grandmother, who is such a bad influence, cut the hair very soon after this annual shearing....into none other than a hardcore mowhawk...which of course then had to be cut again to be able to go to school. We are pleased to note that currently the style is fluffy chicken, as it grows longer again and is able to warm the scalp in prep for the winter. I must say, in looking back at these pics from June - it did get quite long, good if you live near the beach and can flick it around in some boho surfer fashion...not so good in hot & humid London over summer.


OK, so we have never been to the Spanish Coast, but when we drove our kombi van up the coast of Cornwall & Devon in the beginning of June this year, we thought we were in Spain - minus the Sangria, Paella & Tapas. It was all turquoise waters, dramatic rocky cliffs, luscious subtropical greenery. We cruised from one beautiful beach to another, along windy, narrow, flowering, hedge lined roads. We watched spectacular sunsets over the sea, we swam, we laughed, we loved - it was one of our best holidays together. Me & my angels.

Monday, October 23, 2006


removing a chestnut tree that a squirrel planted a couple years ago proved very difficult!

today is the first day of autumn half term. our project for today was to build a raised bed in our garden for our square foot vegetable garden. It was a bit of effort, but we did it properly and it looks great. Such beautiful soil that is going to produce great things for us to eat. We are excited about it. Then we went into Charing Cross & met up with some friends who used to live in London & now live in Switzerland, it was the first time I had seen their sweet little girl - Sienna. A productive day, preparing for the future and nurturing the now.