Saturday, December 17, 2005


O's Party with his friends was shared with a couple girls from his class, the party was held at the London Butterfly House and it was delightful being in there with so many children, fluttering butterflies and the awe of it all. lots of fun was had!


for o & j's b'day we had some friends around Sunday afternoon, had a really nice time.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Noisiest Birthday Boy in the Park

For the month of December the boys have a brilliant Advent Calandar quilt made by their fabulous G'ma, for every day there is a little house that holds a little gift inside. On the 4th there is just one gift for the birthday boy. What mother would buy their own child a VOICE DISTORTER!!?! So on this day we took our Christie for a run in Richmond Park and our Birthday boy took his very very loud voice changer - its 9am there are alot of park users excercising and there is this little boy wandering along making big big noises through this little device. Very funny!


Little O's class went for a school trip to the local fire station. We drive past it everyday on our way home and there isn't a day now that he doesn't loudly remind us of his recent visit!

Cub Scout Weekend

Did you know that part of the Cub Scout Uniform is a hanky? - just in case he has a bloody nose!?! So, tonight before going to Cubs we had to frantically look for a hanky - to no avail - I hope he still gets full points for his team on the uniform inspection!

The weekend away camping was very exciting - only a few days before he had been allowed to move up from being a Beaver to becoming a Cub of the Comanchees. This was his first weekend away without his family and lets just say he didn't seem to notice! He was full of the confidence of a fresh 8 year old. Brilliant!


3 weeks ago S celebrated his birthday with a rock climbing party, shared with his friend. They had along about 12 of their friends for an afternoon of hanging around the walls in west london.

he reached the top, his first real adrenaline rush - he's not so sure if he liked it...!

Plenty of butterflies in tummies as they were challenged to something new.

Then on the day of his birthday he got a motorbike!

and we went for a family dinner to pizza hut and to the games room for some healthy competition on the air hockey table! fun! We also met some friends for a Sunday Lunch at the pub with a chocolate cake to smile about!