Friday, March 31, 2006


Today Oscar took the Boa Constrictor to school for show n tell. I almost forgot it, thinking I would leave it for the weekend, remembering that its over 2 weeks till we go to school again. Tonight we took out the python for some handling, it is getting really big and is so shiny and healthy and really beautiful (never thought I would say that!). Samuel had it on its bed and it was getting really good excercise. This snake is really curious and so lovely! Then we had the rats out for a run around also. Ohh its such fun having pets!


Today is the last day of the Winter Term - its holidays for 2 weeks! We celebrated with a picnic at Richmond Park and enjoyed the big old Oak trees. They have been here for hundreds of years and obviously loved by many climbing clambering children. Such fun! I especially loved the last tree its like it is hugging, protecting the children as the play inside it.


Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday. The boys took me to my new favourite place - a lovely nursery near us that I recently discovered. Its full of Old English, French Garden and Exotic Indian style of furniture and garden wares and then delish coffee and tasty food. They also got me some spring flowers and we had a nice time potting them. And best of all a PERMANENT little robin for my garden - hehe.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Remember Book Week as a kid? I do, its vague...the boys dressed up as a book character. S was Willy Wonka and O was Woody. They had a fun day. In the morning they were in the parade and O was in the horse suit ALLL day!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


You need to scroll down to Weymouth Weekend 1 and read these 3 entries backwards - I can only upload 5 photos at a time and had way more pictures to tell the story of this wonderful weekend!

A cold wintery afternoon in the car is best broken up with a cream tea in a quaint & quirky little cafe that is filled with bubbling witches cauldrons, crystals, druids, fairies and lovely organic food!

And lastly it was an invigorating run along the beach in the stinging rain...

before heading home via a menagerie of possible places of interest including: Old Sarum (ancient celtic cathedral at Salisbury), Rare Species Farm, Tank Museum & Ape Sanctuary - all closed for some reason or other. But good reasons to return to this part of the country.


The next day we went for a big walk through an old Stone Quarry:
Then we went and played on the realllly long stone beach and collected lots of beautiful big pebbles to bring home and make into painted animals.
It was SUCH a steep stoney beach that one step up would slide right back down, so it was hard work getting back up the hill!


I was craving seeing the sea, the waves crashing on rocks, the sound, the smell and the wind in the hair. So, not long ago we had a family weekend away to the Dorset coast. It was the most wonderful weekend all winter! We drove down to the beach on Saturday and found a great little cafe for lunch:

dreaming about a big engine for the kombi...

then we walked along the beach of Weymouth:
Then we explored the penisula of Portland:
Then we found a fabulous B&B that would allow us to have Christie with us! and it was so beautifully traditionally decorated and the Full English in the morning went down a treat.
I will need to create another post so that I can show you more pictures....


Recently S was infected, I mean infested, oh no, I mean INVESTED as a Cub of the Comanches. Very proud moment.


I LOVE it how every weekend we go for a walk in Richmond Park and recently we discovered a path, forest and a magical tree that we had never ever seen before!!


Katie was looking after the boys over half term holidays and they went

the British Museum,

Hampton Court Palace - this is them finding the middle of the maze.

the Aquarium - they got to touch the rays

.......................................................and make lovely fishes

and enjoy the seeing in the Chinese New Year.

Then generally had loads of fun with her here - She is a crazy fun big kid - so lots of laughs were had.

This is them with sticky tape on their noses!