Wednesday, September 20, 2006


We went on our Annual holiday to Cornwall. A long weekend at Newquay, filled with VW's & crazy boys. Followed by a couple of recovery days with Nancy & her lively twins at Perranporth on the beach. We will be leaving to relive this in less tomorrow. I suspect it will not be so nice weather wise, but we are looking forward to being at the beach, flying the kite and bracing walks along the cliffs.


May Day - every May Day we spend the day in Kew Gardens, celebrating the coming of summer. We dance around the MayPole, inducing fertility of the land and then do a weaving dance to wake the earth after the long winter. We watch Morris dancers doing their jigs and dances. There is storytelling, basket weaving, felt making etc etc. A lovely start to the summer.

Interesting that I finally post this blog as the summer comes to a close and we prepare for winter. Today I booked our tickets to go to Switzerland for Christmas! We are very excited about this. Right now though, there is concern for the Horse Chestnut trees which are such a big part of London and the disease that is in them, resulting in the conkers dropping earlier and being much smaller. We hope the naughty bug that is affecting the trees will go away before it causes too much damage - I wonder if these bugs like the warmer climate...I wonder if I should walk/cycle more...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We rented a Medieval Barn and had fun exploring Wiltshire. We went to Wooky Hole, through some caves used since neandethal times, saw King Kong... Samuel tried his hand at papermaking, we hiked through gorges, walked in forests. Enjoyed Cheddar Gorge (the home of Cheddar cheese) with great apple cider and more cider and more cheese - yum! Went to a zoo and saw lots of lions, wolves, tigers etc. Followed by an afternoon at Glastonbury. A FUN holiday!