Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Oscar has a new friend!!
As some of you will know Oscar's main interest in life thus far has been teddies. Any time we have been to a toy shop all he has ever wanted was a soft toy. He recently realized (or was told) that big boys don't play with teddies all the time...every since, he has been asking for the real thing...a cute and teeny tiny teacup puppy, a teensy soft kitten and all sorts of rodents...I figured that if this is what he is passionate about, if this is what he loves then who am I to put a lid on that? So we set about it like it was a project - he learnt lots along the way and now...guess what!? - he has a teeny weeny cutsie wootsie white bunny with bright blue eyes. She is called Clover and she loves being cuddled...alot!

Oscar made the hutch!

Bonfire night

We had a spectacular fireworks display in our back garden for Halloween. So on the 5th Nov Oscar got to light a few smaller fireworks and play with his Dad and the sparklers. It was fun.

Halloween 2009

Fancy face paint My evillll pumpkin

We had a pumpkin carving party a few days before.
Pullin' out the dance moves

Oscars little guy - cute hey?

This year we went Trick or Treating with 11 kiddies all in fab fancy dress. Oscar had a ball with all his friends - charging around the neighbourhood hyped on sugar - what fun!It was a warm Autumn evening. On returning we ate delicious pumpkin soup and tiger bread. Then we hung out 'round the fire and the kiddies left and our adult friends arrived. It was a lovely chilled out Halloween - compared to the past few years anyway!