Sunday, November 26, 2006


I gave birth to my first child - I am truly blessed. He is one of the most beautiful souls I know.
We celebrated his birthday in a very low key fashion this year. We took 2 of his friends to a waterpark, where we zoomed down scary slides, played in the massive pirate ship and had a really fun time together. Then that evening we had over Auntie Sally and her friends and we sang happy birthday. The backwards 5 is a candle we got that won't get used and its a half 8 shape...sort of! hehe.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Yep, its that time of year again. Every saturday morning 9:15 we are at the local rec for footy training. O has started playing too. So Friday after school we went and bought new boots and kit for them. Boy, were they pleased as punch to be running onto the field on saturday! Sunday morning Samuel plays a match in the 'Flyers' team. They are such little sportsmen! On match day Oscar was the photographer (loving his perspective).

half time encouragement

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This week is Science week at school. Today S went on a school trip to Pizza Express & he got to be a chef & make a pizza - he made an olive pizza which he kindly brought home 2 peices for me - it was yum! Who would've thought - my son, a pizza chef.

They also had a skipping workshop & S had to give a demo of some fancy moves in front of the school assembly. He was really embarassed when the rope got tangled and he tripped over, he got back up and did it all over again. Doing much better - better than Chloe, both of them getting faster and faster and faster...sounds like A FUN DAY WAS HAD A SCHOOL TODAY!

Monday, November 06, 2006


This weekend we were celebrating bonfire night - Guy Fawkes - our freedom, parliment, democracy. Friday night at 8pm we were in a field watching big fancy fireworks. Loads of the boys friends were there and they had more fun raging around in the dark with mates than actually going gooey over the twinkling sky. They bought themselves some glo sticks - which they spin around to make pretty light patterns in the dark.
Then last night we burned a bonfire in our back garden and watched our own fireworks. It is always funner lighting your own & the rockets get the most laughs. It was such a clear, crisp, full moon night. We cranked the music & danced - the boys were dancing with their glo sticks & doing Poi moves - looking very cool.

Oscar was our little pyromaniac, lighting & blowing our candles, dipping fingers in wax, lighting more candles, dripping wax, lighting more candles...