Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy Solstice

Today we went and collected our Holly and Ivy to deck our halls...we managed to find a few Holly trees laden with berries! The pond where Christy usually swims was frozen over and Oscar was having fun being an ice breaker - until his little toes started to go numb, after which we decided today is a '3 sock day'.

We finished off our wreath and decorated the Fire place, we fed a little robin that was hopping around amongst the ice looking for worms.
This afternoon we picked up our friends, Poppy, Ellie and Maya and drove through delightful floppy flakes in Richmond Park. We met some other families and walked through the forest - Oscar was leaving little piles of seeds and dried grubs for the birds on all the stumps. We ate delicious cranberry and white chocolate cookies, drank hot tea/ chocolate and lit our lamps. Sadly it was a bit wet for ours, so we only tested out the yellow one.

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